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Bema’s Adventures Incorporated is proud of its community partnerships worldwide. We have made partnerships with United Way,  Saving Our Daughters, Future Leaders Academy of Jonesboro, The Barack Obama Magnet School, Clayton County Library and also acknowledged by the Florida’s elite Senator Al Lawson. Ms. Randolph  has been honored by the Gadsden County Democratic Women’s Club as a rising published author and community advocate in Florida. Ms. Randolph is a 14 year veteran educator and a proud United States Army veteran.
As a result of bullying,  Ms. Randolph wanted to share her experiences with other children to give them hope. Bullying is a huge problem in our nation. This story will positively impact students across the globe with it’s real life challenges of the main character Bema who takes advantage of a negative situation to create meaningful relationships with her bullies.


GIRL POWER is a dynamic workshop focusing the movement and POSITIVITY surrounding young girls ages 5-18. GIRL Power Adventures assists young girls with strategies to become independent thinkers and advocates for themselves. We teach positive affirmations through poetry, writing and also teach STEAM lessons. These lessons allow girls to embark on a careers in science, web technology engineering, and mathematics. Through this workshop, girls will be hands on learning how to code and create their own books online. It is imperative to provide our youth with opportunities to become entrepreneurs at a young age. There’s a big push to reach girls early on to love math, science, engineering and arts. Bema’s Adventures Incorporated will drive your students to dream BIG.

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Individualized tutoring is also available through our partnership with Randolph Educational Consultants LLC. REPC is known for their professional tutoring sessions to increase student knowledge. We provide individual assessments and on going monitoring of your student throughout the school year. Individualized learning plans are designed to meet the needs of each student. This promotes student growth in the areas needing the most attention for the best results. Students have successfully shown over 75% gains within the first few weeks with the strategies learned in these sessions. Call today for your free consultation. (678) 593-8333.

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