To race or not to race?

I knew it was going to be a rough day when I woke up. I had a nightmare and didn’t get much sleep. When I woke up, my bed was covered in sweat. My mom woke me up early and said she overslept. The alarm did not go off because our lights went out because of the lightning storm.

I want to pretend being sick so I could avoid going to school today. Phife said he would beat me up if I didn’t race Nessa. I don’t want to race against her. She is very mean. She said if I win, she will beat me up. If I don’t race, Phife will beat me up. Either way it goes, it sounds like a disaster! What should I do?

If you were Bema, what actions would you take to resolve this situation? Would you tell the teacher, the PE coach, the school bus driver, your mom, or your teacher? How do we protect ourselves from being bullied?

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